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xd___bx's Journal

spring-heeled jim
29 April
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if everyone one earth had to pack up and move to another planet, and we could only take with us one item from each category below, this is what i would choose:

religion: buddism
artists: picasso
animal: dog
movie: snatch
book: hyperion
nut: cashew
cd: mezzanine

i would likely miss these things the most:
the outdoors, the indoors, the stars, clear cold mornings, sand dunes, music that says the things i can't, succinctness, standing on a mountain, climbing up the mountain, intelligent design, simplicity, complexity, squares, ice, getting drunk with friends, crazy.

ok, gotta start packing.


Spring-heeled Jim slurs the words :
"There's no need to be so knowing
Take life at five times the
Average speed, like I do"
Until Jim feels the chill
"Oh, where did all the time go ?"